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Remembrance Day National Roll Call 2012

Among the activities The Madison Center pursues each year is the observance of Veterans Day. Each year we join other universities across the United States in remembering the ultimate sacrifice made by men and women to their country. 

The Remembrance Day National Roll Call 2012 is nationwide reading of over 6,598 names of American citizens who have given their lives in national service. Because Verterans Day falls on the weekend, our reading of the names will begin on Wednesday, 14 November, and end with a ceremony of remembrance on Friday, 16 November, at noon.  

To reach our university’s goal, we ask faculty, staff and students to volunteer 20 minutes of their time just once this week in order to read a small portion of our fallen veterans names. 

How to Participate.  We will need a total of 26 readers. Kappa Delta sorority has already completed their public reading of over 2100 names. If you can volunteer for a twenty minute segment, please send your name with as many as three possible 20-minutes segments to  If possible, please include a phone number so that we have a more immediate way of contacting you.  The Madison Center will then respond in an e-mail with one of your suggested time slots.  Each reader will be expected to complete a 150-name list in his or her 20-minute interval.  This amounts to about 5 pages of single-spaced text. 

Once confirmed through e-mail, each volunteer’s name will be added to the reading schedule on the Madison Center's website.  Volunteers should check the website to confirm their posted time.  Readers can obtain their portion of the list of names upon arrival at the podium on the second floor balcony in the Union.  Alternatively, each segment will also be available as a PDF download next to each reader’s on the Madison Center website (  Readers should report 15 minutes before their scheduled reading time. 

Directions for Reading.  The reading of names will be at a podium with microphone on the Student Union east balcony. Please read the entire line for each veteran.  

Supporting Team.  Dr. Wayne Blansett, who identified this opportunity to collaborate  with other institutions of higher learning on The Remembrance Day National Roll Call, is our partner in this effort.